An illustration of a fist shaking angrily, done for a Cascadian Dark Ale with Orange Peel, for Beerbliotek.

Shakes fist angrily

Cascadian Dark Ale

Beerbliotek was honoured being invited as a brewery to Borefts 2018, where they’ve been many times before. It’s the festival that set the dream of starting their own brewery.

The concept of this beer is exactly what the name says, shakes fist angrily. Usually what one may see in the rear view mirror after a close shave at a pedestrian crossing. Just someone in the street shaking their fist angrily. This beer had unexpected reactions at the beer festival, people walking up to Beerbliotek, and instead of saying the want the beer, they shook their fist angrily.

A Cascadian Dark Ale with roasted malt and zesty notes on the nose. On tasting there’s hints of liquorice with a citrusy hop flavour.

Project Details

  • Client: Beerbliotek
  • Date: 2018
  • Category: Illustration, Graphic Design & Packaging
  • Website:

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